About us

The Company LANVEC s. r. o. is exclusively the Czech company, based on its own development and production of systems for the automatic snow chains SNOW WAY® (sometimes also rotary or under-sweaping) for light and heavy goods vehicles, buses and delivery with the drive of the rear axle.

Automatic snow chains SNOW WAY® are mounted on the chassis of the vehicle as a separate technological unit authorized service.

Traction systems SNOW WAY® fully replace the classical full-perimeter fittings chains, with the difference that they operate directly from the cab of the vehicle thereby contribute to increased safety and traffic flow.

Our production program SNOW WAY® combines comfort with safety. Saves time and fuel. In the event that the winter traffic conditions require, it is not necessary for the driver to do the dangerous and dirty installation of the regular snow chains near the road, on the contrary, the system shall ensure within a few seconds to plan traction and control of the vehicle during the drive.

The philosophy of the company LANVEC s. r. o. is an individual approach to the customer from the design of solutions through to production, installation, maintenance and service.

In the framework of improving the services to customers, we are continuously extending our sales and service network in the Czech republic and in Europe. To an accredited dealers of the systems SNOW WAY® we offer training of their technicians and technical assistance.

The support of our own development and innovative ideas, we want to offer as many solutions almost for every vehicle. In the long term to achieve a stable, acceptable prices of systems and due to the constantly increasing prices of input materials.

To offer and deliver the systems the SNOW WAY® everywhere, where their use of the benefit.

The company LANVEC s. r. o. is also the exclusive importer (accredited representative) of the company MAGGIgroup – Italian manufacturer of locks, security systems, snow, traction and snow chains TRAK® from passenger cars up to heavy trucks.

Cooperation with the swiss company REX® we provide for the CZECH republic the supply of snow, traction and protection chains for heavy, the forest and the special technique of the highest quality.

Vladimir Mašek

managing director of the company